Who does enjoy the Mormon’s money in Serbia

No end to Balkan hypocrisy

Despite the fact that Serbia is one of 179 countries recieving  the humanitarian assistance provided by LDS Church ( $9, 136, 358)  Serbian citizens know nothing about it.

Mormon’s money is taboo in this country although some of leading state and religious institutions filled the own funds thanks to the rich donator from the Salt Lake City.

Local media rarely write about it or never mention on it.

Some of them ( ” Pancevacke Novine) openly defamed members of the Mormon community as a “false benefactors leading their victims to total destruction, loss of houses and apartments, friends, family,…”

So it is not wonder that  vast majority of Serbian citizens continues to treat Mormons like sectarians and cult even attacking their missionaries and religious objects.

Radio Svetigora, one of ruling local Church media,  openly helps in spreading of religious intolerance toward Mormon Church ” pushing under the carpet ” the  fact the Serbian Orthodox Church . among the first, recieved Mormon humanitarian assistance in 1992-1994.

Many of “proud Serbian warriror’  that lost part of body in Balkan civils war fighting for Great Serbia ( and still believe in it ) got the invalid wheelhairs  grateful to LDS church in the moment when the own state forgot on them as a

Many hospitals, Roma’s centers, geronotology homes, refugee centers and etc, have been helped by LDS .

But, pssssssssssssssst…..  Don’t talk about it….

Pssssssssssssssssst…….  Someone could hear you and think you are going to be Mormon…

Pssssstttttt……..  Don’t talk about it, just take their money……

And ….. Psssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttt ! ! !


1. Serbian Orthodox Church

2. Ministry of Social Affairs

3. Red Cross Serbia

4. Foundation of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Catherine

5. The City of Cicevac

6. Kolo of Serbian Sisters

7. Old Serbia Association of Serbians from Kosovo and Metohija


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