Modern Senicide in Serbia

Senicide is still active process in Serbia

By Sasa Milosevic

Once upon time in rural parts of Eastern Serbia sons would take old parents into the woods and kill them.

According to a legend the cruel custom known as “Lapot” stopped, when one of the fathers told his son:

“O my son, do not kill me on this place. I also killed my father here . Your son will kill you here, too ”

Although there is belief that “lapot” is only a brutal scene from the Serbian past in a country obsessed by European Union and American Dream the “senicid” is still active.

But today’s Serbian elders have been killed more perfidiously, by intentionally neglecting them.

The war policy of Slobodan Milosevic drastically aged the Serbian nation while his “democratic” political heirs attempt to reduce the number of elders treating them as unnecessary and an excessive burden in a troubled transitional society.

Many of Serbia’s old people are leaving to die lonely and in agony in spite of the law that guarantees to them full protection equally applicable to all citizens young and old.

I realized this while I was seeking for a woman who would give daily care to my old, sick and immobile mother. Of course she would be paid for her work.

In order to avoid psychopath, fraudster or killer I tried to find the appropriate person based on recommendation.

I was sure I will find it without problem among the 260,000 officially unemployed women in Serbia . Unfortunately I did not .

Many of them requested salary or conditions as they are university workers though they have been sitting at home for months.

“ It is better to sit for free than to work for free” was a common sentence I could hear form candidate. The famous Serbian slogan has been inherited from the Communist era and has survived till today as a leading motto for lazy population. After all I had to to risk by public advertisement.

For two days I had over 60 calls. Perhaps there were more. I stopped counting. At one time I had to switch off my mobile. This time no one protested due to salary. I realized that “a ton of people” lost job for only two months though Serbian Government speaks every day that the economic crisis has passed.

Among those who called me offering their services , were an unemployed doctor, architects, lawyers, single mothers and even a 50-years-old female, a former, basketball player as well.

I called her on interview.

In front of me was a tired, troubled, semi-depressive woman who, at that moment, scared me when I looked at the darkness in her face.

Then, just a few words after she started telling her story I realized that in front of me was sitting a deeply suffering woman who cannot accept she lives in an extremely ruined society in which she lost a husband due to a medical error and in which children pay for perfidious killing of their own sick and old parents. .

” I have cherished two old women, “ she began her verbal CV. ” Both of them have been immobile and I helped both of them to walk again. Their children are paying me well. I still remember 97-years-old lady. She was such a cute granny. With my help she stood up. She began to walk alone, slowly, step by step . I lived with her 24 hours, for several months. Her children lived in Paris. When they came in Serbia and saw the granny they were in shock instead of being happy and satisfied. Perhaps they thought that the poor woman will live a month or two. That was reason why they were paying me so well. I was fired. It was told to me that my price is too high (400 euros) even for them who are the owners of estates in London, Paris and Serbia.

I could not believe it. I knew that something was wrong and that money was not the issue. After some time the light bulb turned on in my head .”

They did not need a nurse. They needed a gravedigger for their mother!

And I have not been a good choice. I hope you are looking for just a nurse ….

After her confession I have been thinking deeply about this horrible story.

Biblical notices of World’s End are evident. One of them speaks about children’s torture over parents.

Honestly, I am afraid that soon, instead of the usual ads for nurses, it will be published in the newspaper;

“Wanted gravedigger for the care of sick and immobile old lady for no longer than a month ….”


2 thoughts on “Modern Senicide in Serbia

    1. That you consider this automatically as a “lie” speaks loudly about your crass ignorance about human history and human nature. What’s old is new again, and with a shiny package.

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