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The life in the Balkan is more raw, violent, passionate, unjust and tragic than in the USA and Western Europe.

Here, friends are dying because the health care is sometime scandalously an unnecessary sloppy . Millions of people, due to violence, have been left without beloved and homes feeling the loss to this day. Everyone knows someone who has suffered at the hands of a gangsters, or during the war of violence and actions of other ethnic groups,..

Yes, o, yes, also NATO bombs…

Many are facing money shortage and inability to find jobs. Progress based on the own merits, which are taken for granted on the West, yet in most cases only a dream in this region, since it’ s more important one’s connections and party affiliation.

Corruption exists everywhere in the world, but in this region it is in the foreground and touching all spheres of life from obtaining construction permits, bribery given to teachers for grades and bribing of doctors to provide treatment that should be provided by the state, to bribe of police officers to “forgive” traffic violations…

Although in the region now may be no authoritarian dictatorship, the average citizen is still holding out dated and ineffective beliefs, traditions and practices embedded during Tito’s communist regime.

Because of that the process of democratic transition is so slow and uneven that it is simply annoying.

William Montgomery
Former U.S Ambassador in Serbia, ”Struggling with Democratic Transition : After the Cheering Stops”



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